Hack the Web

July 2016, Tel Aviv


Hack The Web is a non-profit organization based in Tel Aviv. It promotes useful web technologies and empowers digital creators across Israel.

Hack The Web’s main activity is along the summer, when it hosts a variety of workshops related to web creation and host a large hackathon.

During the hackathon over 100 people make their own product while learning meaningful tools. Tools like front and back end development frameworks, user interface software, user experience theories and presentation.

The hackathon staff includes skilled mentors who help the participants make their vision into a product. At the end of the event there is a contest: each team presents their product to a panel of judges, experts in their fields. The HTW team consists entirely of volunteers.

The events are made possible by our incredible supporters and sponsors. Wix, WeWork and (אאא) AlefAlefAlef Studio are only few of the names making Hack the Web possible and accessible for everyone with no price tag.

Hack The Web’s core values are:


Hack The Web’s core activity is sharing knowledge in order to give people the ability to create meaningful products and services in today’s world. Empowering as many people as possible moves all of society forward.


Hack the Web gives an equal opportunity to people from any origin and gender to take part in it’s activities. Women and minorities get favored consideration in order to encourage a more diverse High Tech workforce.


Hack the Web cares about the environment. We are committed to promoting sustainable and healthy practices for the world. That’s why all of the food served in the events is vegan (inspired by Meatless Monday) and waste is recycled at the end of each event.